Interbank Deposits.

Interbank deposits are deposits that banks make with each other. The deposits are made so that banks can have funds available to meet their daily obligations. The interest rate on these deposits is usually very low, and the deposits are made at the end of the day so that banks can have funds available the … Read more

What is C2C or Consumer to Consumer?

The meaning of C2C (Consumer to consumer) refers to an Internet business model that aims to commercially link the end user with another end consumer. It is used mainly in the field of E-commerce to carry out transactions. What is the Consumer to Consumer? A broader definition of C2C would include the marketing of services … Read more

What is a training and apprenticeship contract?

The training and apprenticeship contract aims at the job development of people and the improvement of their qualifications through work in a company, but also combining it with training in a learning center. Training contracts have a maximum duration of 3 years and a minimum duration of 1 year, or 6 months by collective agreement. … Read more