Don’t Know (DK).

“Don’t Know (DK)” is a term used to describe a situation in which a trader is unsure of which direction the market will move. This often occurs when there is a lack of clear information or when the market is moving erratically. In these situations, it is often best to stay out of the market … Read more

What is the utility?

The concept of utility refers to the measure of satisfaction by which users value the choice of certain services or goods in financial terms. These services and goods have certain properties that satisfy the demands of individuals, having a positive impact on consumers. It is a very broad term, which has multiple meanings. Another useful … Read more

What is the IP address?

The definition of IP address is the number that identifies a device on a network, be it a computer, router, printer, etc. It is the acronym for 'Internet Protocol'. These devices, when integrated into a network, will be identified through a unique IP number in that network. It will be made up of four numbers … Read more