Wholesale Insurance.

Wholesale insurance is insurance that is sold to businesses, rather than individuals. This type of insurance is typically used to protect businesses from risks that are not covered by traditional insurance policies. For example, a business may purchase wholesale insurance to protect against products that are damaged in transit. What is a wholesale industry? The … Read more

What Is the Upper Class?

The upper class is the group of people in a society who hold the most wealth and power. In most societies, the upper class is a small minority of the population, while the majority are middle class or poor. The upper class typically has a lot of money and assets, and uses its power to … Read more

What is a treasurer?

The treasurer is the person in the company in charge of managing everything related to the movement of capital, cash flow, monetary flow or "cash flow". It manages everything related to the movement of money within the company. It includes activities such as: banking, payment to Suppliers, employee salary, charge for activities carried out by … Read more