Collateralized Bond Obligation (CBO) Definition.

A collateralized bond obligation (CBO) is a type of structured finance security. It is created by pooling together a group of bonds and other debt instruments, and then dividing the resulting pool into tranches. The bonds in the pool serve as collateral for the CBO. The CBO structure allows the issuer to sell different tranches … Read more

What are institutional investors?

The figure of the institutional investor refers to the entity that invests large amounts of money in securities or funds; that is, the type of organization that invests its own capital or that of others in goods, rights and other assets both financial and non-financial. Such investments are made possible by contributions from retail investors. … Read more

What is the BCG Matrix?

The BCG Matrix or Boston Consulting Group Matrix is ​​a growth matrix that serves to know the product portfolio of a certain company and its viability económica. The BCG matrix was developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in the 70s, and tries to analyze the products / services of a company based on: The … Read more