Coppock Curve Definition and Uses.

The Coppock curve is a technical indicator used in stock market trading. It is used to identify long-term market trends and to make buy and sell decisions. The Coppock curve was developed by economist Edwin Coppock in the 1960s. It is based on the idea that the stock market moves in cycles, and that these … Read more

What is a Business Opportunity?

A business opportunity refers to a favorable time or occasion to start a business idea, create a new job sector or launch a new product into the market. A good example of a business opportunity is when a need is identified within the market that either no companies currently fill or existing companies fill ineptly. … Read more

What is direct debit?

En accounting terms, a direct debit is a form of payment that consists of communicating to the bank the payment of a certain amount of money at regular intervals. Thus, it is possible to direct the payment of bills (electricity, water, gas, telephone), of purchased goods (a computer, an appliance, etc.) or of a service … Read more