Measuring Principle Definition.

The measuring principle definition is the basic guideline for technical analysis which states that price action reflects everything that is known about a given security. This means that all information, whether it is public or private, is already reflected in the current price. Technical analysts believe that by studying past price action, they can gain … Read more

What Share of Wallet (SOW) Tells Us.

The term “What Share of Wallet (SOW) Tells Us” is referring to the fact that when looking at the percentage of customers’ spending that is dedicated to a particular brand or company, this number can give marketers insight into how much potential there is for growth with that customer base. If the SOW is low, … Read more

What is gross domestic product?

Gross domestic product or GDP is an economic indicator that serves to reflect the total number of goods and services that have been produced by a country in a given period of time. Of course, GDP only takes into account final production, otherwise the accounting it would become double. Furthermore, GDP is limited to measuring … Read more