What is Gainsharing?

Gainsharing is an incentive system that has the objective of achieving an increase in productivity. What it addresses is that when the company's goals are achieved, it distributes the benefit among the workers, either in the form of bonuses or with an increase wagefor them. This incentive system is committed to solidarity and cooperation, as … Read more

What is the Gross Operating Surplus?

The Gross Operating Surplus is an economic concept that includes payments to property, the remuneration of employers and payments for non-salaried labor (if any). This type of surplus, which in the macronomía Usually used as a measure of profitability, it reflects property income (interest, royalties …), company income and the corresponding Capital Consumption. Let's analyze … Read more

What is the Goodwill?

Goodwill or goodwill is known in accounting as an intangible that determines the intangible value of a company. It is closely related to brand equity and determines the reputation of the company. It is determined by multiple factors and can have a very positive or negative effect on the market situation of a brand or … Read more

What is the growth rate?

The growth rate is a mathematical calculation that is obtained from the difference between two values ‚Äč‚Äčover time, taking as a reference the percentage of the first value. This indicator can be applied to different areas, such as business, demographic or economic, so that we can find out the percentage of growth of any assumption … Read more

What is a Surety?

The term guarantor refers to the person who is obliged to pay or comply with a third party, in the event that he or she cannot do so (as stated in the Spanish Civil Code). However, the term itself generates controversy and confusion, especially with the term guarantor. We will see their differences later. What … Read more

What is the global economy?

The concept of global economy represents the current economic system. A system that is based on competition and in the use of new technologies. The global economy thus implies a liberalization of the barriers that separate markets. Thus, this definition of the global economy is therefore closely related to the globalization and the world in … Read more

What is the Gross National Product?

The Gross National Product (GNP) is an estimate of the total final value of all products and services generated by the residents of a country in a given period. For its calculation, unlike what happens with the Gross Domestic Product, foreigners living in the country are excluded, but what is produced by nationals residing in … Read more

What is the GOP or Gross Operation Profit?

In the hotel sector, the concept GOP, acronym for Gross Operating Profit, is widely used. In Spanish, the Gross Operating Result is used more frequently to refer to the same term. The meaning of GOP is the result of subtracting direct costs, indirect costs, payroll and direct operating expenses from total income. This financial indicator … Read more

What is a substitute good?

A substitute good is that good (or service) that is capable of satisfying the same need as another good. In that sense, it is the consumer's decision to be able to replace said good with another due to the functions it performs. The difference between choosing one or the other is the characteristics or the … Read more