Convenience of Employer Test Definition.

The convenience of employer test definition is a test used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine whether an employer is liable for taxes on certain employee fringe benefits. The test is based on whether the employer provides the benefit for the convenience of the employer or for the benefit of the employee. If … Read more

What Are Double Bottom Patterns?

What It Signals, Target, and Example. What Are Double Bottom Patterns? Double bottom patterns are a type of technical analysis that can signal a potential reversal in a downward trend. They are created when there are two lows in price action that are roughly equal, followed by a rally. The target for a double bottom … Read more

What is Warrant?

The meaning of warrant refers to a financial derivative that provides its buyer with the right to buy a specific asset (underlying asset) from the issuer of the warrant, at a previously stipulated price (strike price) and within a specified period or with an expiration date. Specifying a little more, it is a negotiable security … Read more