The term “value” refers to the estimated future economic benefits of an investment, including the expected return on investment. The value of an investment is based on a number of factors, including the expected return on investment, the riskiness of the investment, the investment’s time horizon, and the investor’s own preferences and goals. Who is … Read more

What is carry trade?

The term Carry Trade is used in the world of investments, so if you dedicate yourself to it or have thought of doing it, it would be interesting if you knew what it means. Carry trade is a strategy that is used at the time of Buy foreign exchange, usually for investments. This strategy tries … Read more

What is mercantilism?

Mercantilism is a term that comes from Latin and is equivalent in parts to the words "trade" and "system". For this reason, the concept of commercialism finds its meaning in that economic system whose two fundamental pillars are trade and export. In order to delve into the definition of mercantilism, it is important to bear … Read more