Manager of Managers (MoM).

A manager of managers is an investment professional who oversees a team of portfolio managers. The manager of managers is responsible for selecting the individual managers who will run the portfolios, as well as monitoring their performance and making changes to the team as needed. The role of the manager of managers is to provide … Read more

Understanding Deposit Multipliers.

The deposit multiplier is the number that determines the maximum amount of money that can be created by the banking system from a given amount of reserves. It is calculated as the reciprocal of the reserve requirement. For example, if the reserve requirement is 10%, the deposit multiplier would be 10 (1/0.10). The deposit multiplier … Read more

What is a proforma invoice?

Proforma invoices are a type of invoice that is considered as the previous document to a sales invoice. It is sent to the buyer prior to the shipment or distribution of the objects, products or services purchased. Although it is not a final invoice and the final prices may change, it serves to show the … Read more