What is front office?

The concept front office is a term that translated into Spanish means front office. Refers to the set of structures of a organization that manage the interaction with users or customers.

It is classified as the space where the client can come into contact with the company, where the consumer is the main protagonist and where the company has to strive to give its best corporate image. Sometimes, in the wrong way, the front office is often confused with the customer service that a company can provide to the end user. However, the front office has the mission not only to provide customer support, but to satisfy the demands and convey a pleasant impression of the organization.

Front office examples

To better understand this concept, here are some front office examples. In the public administration the front office is the office for relations with the public, the website or any means that allows contact between the client and the worker. For its part, in business informatics it refers to the set of technological elements for external consulting, to customer-oriented services, through which the company interacts with it.

Características del front office

The front office of an organization has the mission of implementing different activities:

  • User reception: welcome them with kindness and good manners.
  • Listen to consumer through direct conversation.
  • Detect their needs: the front office must be able to appreciate, in a short time, the deficiencies that the user has and give them an answer that meets their needs.
  • Help to respond to their demands: it is about guiding the final buyer towards the place where they can satisfy their demand.

There are two basic characteristics of the front office, which are the ability to know how to communicate efficiently, as well as the speed at the time of exchanging data and information.

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