What is ROI?

The ROI concept is obtained from the acronym of the English words 'Return on Investment', which translated into Spanish means Return on Investment. It is an economic ratio widely used in the financial field to study the profitability of balance sheets, accounts, companies and brands. In a direct and simple way, it shows the economic … Read more

What is a keyword?

The definition of keyword or key word is the term or set of words that users use to find information or a specific web page in search engines such as Google. On many occasions, it is possible that potential clients are unaware of the existence of your , so using general words it will be … Read more

What is know how?

The concept of knoe how comes from English and means "know how". Therefore, the definition of know how is the set of skills and knowledge that allow a company to or a person developing an activity or a project with experience. The characteristics of know-how are determined by the abilities that an entity has to … Read more