What is know how?

The concept of knoe how comes from English and means "know how". Therefore, the definition of know how is the set of skills and knowledge that allow a company to or a person developing an activity or a project with experience.

The characteristics of know-how are determined by the abilities that an entity has to position itself above the rest of the market competition. In these cases, allusion is made mainly to know-how in those cases where technological innovation or a royaltyas in the case of franchises. If you want to know more information about the franchise model, keep reading here and knows all the basic notions about this type of business and the advantages that it entails.

One of the benefits of know-how is that the entity has a certain exclusivity in the market in the sale of its product or service, which becomes considered a competitive advantage to the extent that equity increases and third companies show doubly interested in acquiring said good.

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