What is a keyword?

The definition of keyword or key word is the term or set of words that users use to find information or a specific web page in search engines such as Google.

On many occasions, it is possible that potential clients are unaware of the existence of your , so using general words it will be easier for them to find a product or service like the one you offer.

A keyword or keyword is very important to get to the right page. In fact, most of the visits to Internet pages are made through them, since there are few users who type the URL address directly.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the questions that users ask themselves and that Google or any other search engine tries to answer in the best possible way by providing the most relevant pages in the results.

Working on the most appropriate SEO keywords in the content will help to position ourselves in the top positions of the search engines, and therefore will also contribute to increasing visits to the page. To obtain a good organic positioning or SEO of a web, post or blog it is necessary to select the correct keywords and use them in the appropriate way.

They will have to be used in the title, in a subtitle, in the meta description, inside the text (prioritizing the first paragraph) and in the alt-text of the images, among other places. So search engines will understand that your content addresses a certain concept.

If you have a Chinese restaurant, you would possibly use the keyword Chinese cuisine to appear in the first search results, but since it is such a general search and there is so much competition, it will cost you a lot to position yourself. It would be convenient to find a group of phrases with the capacity to attract visitors, but that do not have as much competition. In this case, an example of a keyword would be 'Chinese restaurant in Valencia'.

Keyword Research Template in Excel

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