What is real estate?

A person or a company may have in possession of certain real estate or real estate assets that it can economically exploit to obtain a profitability. This type of capital is known as real estate, which can not only be exploited but also grants the person or company to which it belongs a series of rights over it.

What is the concept of private property for?

The objective of this economic term is the regularization and control of all those estate that exist, from buildings, to private houses, through land and farms. All of them achieve the legal value that corresponds to them thanks to the concept of real estate.

In fact, the management of real estate is backed by a series of public bodies that supervise and support it. Only in this way is it possible to protect and ensure that property owners can obtain the Benefits desired.

However, not only is there protection for those who have real estate, but they must also comply with a series of obligations and duties that real estate entails.

What rights does a real estate carry?

The law establishes a series of rights for those people or companies that own real estate, which state that:

  • The owner of the real estate property can live in it either as a habitual or secondary residence
  • If the real estate is not occupied as a home by the owner, the owner can rent it or receive rent in exchange
  • The property owner can donate the property temporarily and non-profit to associations with social purposes
  • Real estate can be used by its owner to start economic or business activities if the relevant laws are applied.

Therefore, it is not surprising that real estate has become a source of investment for individuals and companies seeking to maximize the potential of their properties.

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