What is the business mission?

In the business sphere, the definition of mission refers to the reasons or motives for which the company exists. The business mission must encompass a series of basic aspects such as '' Who are we? The idea that the owners have, what resources they have and what makes them special for customers.

And it is that all companies arise with the purpose of obtaining benefits and making money, but for a business to succeed it must delve into these details collected above and be all reflected from the moment the business projectwhere the company is described.

Examples of business mission

The mission of a company is reflected in a written expression that shows the reason for the company's existence. Let's look at some mission examples below. In the case of soft drink brands, like Coca Cola, they try to show happiness and joy, in addition to refreshing the world. Another example can be Apple and its state-of-the-art technological devices, where they make the latest advances and unique items available to users.

As far as possible, the mission of a company should be responsible for seeking differentiation with respect to the competition, showing a unique value in the market. You can also collect the description of the services, goods, financial objectives of the company and the markets.

The concept of business mission should help create an element of identification within the company. In general, the mission is stable over time, although it tends to evolve according to the environment in which it is handled. The business owners themselves should define the keys to the mission so that it is easily assumed by the rest of the components of the entity.

The mission term is included within the business strategy, which is the area of ​​the economy that deals with analyzing the existing nexus, the strategic direction and the results of the company. It is also closely related to other concepts such as business vision or the company's values.

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