What is the tax address?

By tax domicile is understood the specific place, the address where a natural or legal person is registered with the Treasury. This is the address from which you face your tax rights and obligations (such as paying taxes or receiving notifications from the Treasury.

The registration of the tax domicile by the corresponding tax agency or authority must be updated and adjusted to reality. For this reason, if a change of residence is made or the headquarters where the activity of a company is carried out, the corresponding administration must be notified. The tax domicile is regulated by the General Tax Law and is not in the public domain.

To carry out the change of a tax address it is necessary to follow a series of steps, but the process is very simple if you have a digital certificate. With this guide you will know how to change the tax addressIn a simple way.

In some cases, the registered office and the tax address may coincide.



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