What is the IBAN?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a unique bank account identifier validated by European regulations, specifically by the European Committee for Basic Standardization. Thanks to the IBAN code of a bank account, banking operations are not only easier internationally, but the data and transactions carried out follow the same pattern in one country as in another.

The IBAN code of a bank has a maximum length of 34 characters

How to calculate the IBAN number

The IBAN code of a bank has a maximum length of 34 characters; a length that varies depending on the country. Given that the structure of the Spanish IBAN number has 24 characters, we are going to know the meaning of these figures and letters:

  • The first two characters of the IBAN code refer to the country of the account.
  • The next two characters are check numbers that validate the IBAN.
  • The remaining 20 characters identify the financial entity, the branch of the account, the control digits and the account number.

IBAN calculator

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