What is a real estate asset?

A real estate asset refers to a real estate that is owned by a certain company, which uses that asset to generate wealth or find a way to finance itself. Said good will be, in any case, an asset within the patrimony of the company that acquired it.

There are different types of financial assets. Among the best known is the residential, which is used as accommodation for people (they can be apartments, houses or residential complexes); offices, which are used as real estate to carry out business activities of an administrative, financial, technical nature, etc .; commercial good, which is used to provide services to the external public through commercial premises or large shopping centers; industrial, which is used to carry out business operations that require more space due to the complexity of their tasks (such as the transformation of products, repair, processing, storage or even distribution); land, which is composed of free land to be able to modify it as the owner wants and build on it some of the previous real estate (or even not do it).

Characteristics of real estate

These are the aspects of the most important real estate assets:

  • Real estate is accounted for in companies, usually as a source of income or as a asset.
  • They are goods that have a physical presence and have an existence in a certain place.
  • Many times, property they can be used to guarantee the payment of debts.
  • On the other hand, real estate is useful to be able to generate profits, through its use, sale, lease, etc ...
  • It is difficult to measure the valuation of this asset against another, due to the heterogeneity with which it has (difficult to compare). This can also result in a country being able to protect itself against inflation, obtaining more favorable income in the event that it allows it.

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