What is the cadastre?

The cadastre or real estate cadastre is the process by which the registration of a real estate in a certain territory that allows the State public administration have access to such information. The information is public and is constantly updated.

The main objective of this process is to be able to establish a state administrative control and management of the assets that are organized in a country or a region, depending on the Administration that takes it. These real estate can be rustic, urban or special character real estate.

It is important to note that including real estate properties in the real estate registry is mandatory from a legal and fiscal point of view, since it gives validity and public proof of them. This management is carried out through the Ministry of Economy and Estate, allowing these bodies to establish an order between real estate and public knowledge of them.

The registration needs that the cadastre fulfills are fulfilled based on a series of functions, among which we find:

  • The public registry of all real estate, being able to be consulted by anyone who wants to do it
  • It gives us information on the extension of the property, its physical layout, its use (housing, commercial utility, etc.) among other information of interest.
  • Information on the natural or legal persons that own each asset is included.
  • An economic valuation of the property is established, as well as the tax value according to the corresponding tax obligations

The modifications that are going to be made to the real estate will have to be notified in order to be applied in the cadastre. This cadastre is continuously updated in order to offer useful, real and truthful information.

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