What is an asset?

Assets are the assets, rights and other economic resources that companies have and that are likely to be converted into profits or provide an economic return to the company. These assets are controlled by the company as a result of past actions.

In accounting, the assets of a company are considered to be equal to the sum of the passive plus the capital.

Asset types

According to the liquidity that they are going to offer the company over a period of time, the assets can be:

  • Fixed assets: fixed assets or non-current assets, are the goods that have not been acquired for the purpose of sale, but with the idea that they will be exploited and that they offer an economic return for more than one year in the company, such as machines or real estate.
  • Current assets: these current assets, or current assetsThey are assets and rights that are expected to be exploited economically in less than a year. An example of them is the stock of products to sell.

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