What is a stockbroker?

Stockbrokers, or brokers, are the intermediaries between buyers and sellers in trading assets furnishings. It may have natural or legal personality and is recognized by the stock exchange, to carry out this activity.

The functions of the stock broker are based on advising clients, trying to offer the best return on their investments. May act as a representative of a , and declared by this company (it cannot work with other companies), or as an advisory services company.

A broker always operates according to the interests of his clients. Since direct intermediation between buyers and sellers is not viable, the broker represents both parties and prices are negotiated according to the supply and demand of the different assets that exist.

For all this, the stockbroker is required to be loyal, transparent and credible with its clients. The stockbroker's salary is based on the commissions he receives for each transaction, although he can also charge fixed income. To do this, you must perform a brokerage contract in which their fees are established.

Stock broker requirements

There are a series of requirements to be a stockbroker:

  • CMNV authorization
  • Liquidity and financial solvency
  • Not having a record or open court cases
  • Work only for one company, or for several but from the same group
  • Be accountable in audits of the CNMV

What to study to be a broker?

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