What is an action?

A share is part of the total capital in which a company is divided. Each institution is made up of a certain number of shares that will be distributed among its partners. And, each of these actions may be freely transmitted between their shareholders. Therefore, the true meaning of an action gives rise to an investment that somehow defines how the share is constituted. capital of a company.

Types of actions

There are several types of actions that make up the business fabric, but among them we highlight the following:

  • Common share or ordinary share. Shareholders simply participate in the company in relation to dividends and have the right to participate in meetings.
  • Preferred stock. They are those in which priority is given to common or ordinary shares. In these cases, the dividend rate is both fixed and variable. Therefore, the shareholders have a superior right over profit sharing and decision-making.
  • Own actions. As their name indicates, they are those in which the owner is none other than the private institution.
  • Non-voting shares. In this type of actions, shareholders have no right to participate in general meetings. They can only enjoy the collection of dividends.

Ultimately, the shares are part of the control path of an institution, through which the shareholders, through the administrative and financial boards, define the company's actions in decision-making.

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