What is a limited company?

A limited company also known by its abbreviation SA is an organization through which the capital of the company is structured in actions that correspond to its partners. In addition, the shares of a limited company at the same time reveal the level of participation and power of each partner of the entity.

The shares of a public limited company are structured based on their nominal value and

Characteristics of a limited company

The characteristics of a public limited company are defined mainly through the issues related to the shares and the role played by its partners. Thus, the management body of the corporation, the General Meeting of Shareholders, will be in charge of controlling the company itself and at the same time managing its profits and decision-making. Next, we are going to see what a limited company is really like through its characteristics, which will also help us to know what the differences are between a limited company and a limited liability company:

  • The minimum capital for the incorporation of a public limited company is 60.101,21 Euros
  • A corporation must be registered in the commercial register
  • The partners of a public limited company are only liable for the capital contributed, they are not liable for company debts
  • A limited company can be a legal person, in this case a personal limited company
  • Shares can be freely transferred


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