What is an advisory?

The concept of counseling has many names, depending on the area in which we find ourselves or how we want to use it. Specifically, a consultancy is the support through advice to another person on the performance of one or more activities of which they do not know with certainty how to do it.

The consultancies have advisers who are qualified people (for different reasons: studies, experience, etc ...) to help others in different areas. The most common are those of a banking, financial, accounting, labor, judicial nature, etc ... Normally the advisers have an office where they offer their services to those who require it, although there is also the case in which they offer it online (cheapening the service).

The search for advice comes when certain concepts or aspects of some area of ​​the company or individual are unknown.

Types of counseling

As we have indicated, there are consultancies on many aspects. We highlight the following:

  • Financial advisory. From a financial point of view, it is the most requested. Offers help for billing and expense management of a company. He usually helps the financial staff of the company or decision-maker to formulate strategies in the area of ​​finance when necessary, as well as help him in the problems that arise.
  • Sales consultancy. It is responsible for taking advantage of opportunities in the market to satisfy economic requirements, marketing, administration, advertising, etc ... The sales consultant is in charge of giving timely indications to take advantage of certain sales at specific times.
  • Tax advice. Help to make income statements, as well as formalize the IVA to pay for your client.
  • Accounting advice. It helps businesses to carry out the accounting part of it, respecting the corresponding regulations. It advises on the decisions to be made within the company so that the accounts we present (ledger, annual accounts, etc) estén al día.
  • Human resources consulting. It is another more common advice, which consists of receiving advice on the changes that we must introduce in our business model, although it also advises us on where to invest or where not to invest and why.

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