What is a securities company?

A Securities Company is a investment services that has the capacity to offer financial intermediation and investment services in Spain.

It is a type of investment services company that offers more activities and functions. Securities companies can offer the widest range of stock market services that the law has established: portfolio management, financial intermediation or advice.

The main objective of the securities companies is to be able to offer a specialized service against the credit institutions. In securities companies, they have the peculiarity of requiring a high degree of specialization in this type of company, which comes at the hands of executive members with recognized professional honor in the sector. This gives more reliability and confidence to this type of company.

Regarding the activities carried out by securities companies, we find the following:

  • Self-employment
  • Granting of credits and loans to investors
  • Financial advice to companies and investors
  • Subscription of issues and Public Sales Offers (IPO): mediation and assurance
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Other services...

Finally, to comment on some types of investment services companies in Spain that we can find, we are going to mention a few. These types of companies are regulated in the Law of the marketc of values and in Royal Decree 217/2008, of February 15, on the legal regime of investment services companies. Other investment services companies are:

  • Securities Society
  • Securities Agency
  • Portfolio management company
  • Independent financial advisory company

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