What is capital?

In commercial law, social capital is understood as the set of goods and values ​​that are part of a company. And as a whole, the capital stock of a company is included in what we know as the liability of the situation balance. In this way, understanding the meaning of social capital is to understand that it is the guarantee of every company and that its origin comes directly from the capital that has been by its partners or third parties.

Therefore, if we want to know the social capital of a company we will have to address the contribution of the partners, either through monetary or non-monetary contributions.

What is the share capital of a company for?

The function of the social capital of a company fully reflects the level of participation of each partner and at the same time is the direct source of equity. This is how social capital becomes the level of wealth or equity that a company has, always taking into account the difference between assets and liabilities.

At the same time, the division of social capital is based on the actions issued by partners. Of course, each of the actions will depend directly on the nature of a company, whether it is a limited society as if it's a anonymous society. In short, the capital stock represents the set of values ​​and properties belonging to the same company.

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