What is swing trading?

Swing trading is about a technique investor which tries to follow some graphs where the prices of the shares are presented, showing decreases and increases over time. This means that the person who owns one or more shares can know or intuit when to sell or buy them in order to earn money (depending on market trends).

As for the type of products in which this technique can be used, they are very varied. Specifically, it is used for stocks, CFDs, futures and ETFs.

Normally, it is a technique in which you must have constancy, because when buying or selling financial products it is necessary to dedicate the time that it requires. However, this time is not excessive, so investing a little time throughout the week will be enough to obtain great benefits.

Of course, it is recommended that if we are going to make this type of investment, it be done through large amounts of money (which may possibly be an impediment for individuals). We are talking about amounts between € 500 and € 2000. Although you can start with less, this amount would be the minimum required to start making a profit for this investment to be profitable.

There are many ways to learn this technique. The most common is through investment courses in which swing trading is presented as one of the forms of investment. There are also other ways, such as learning by doing or hiring professionals to help us with our first investments (obviously they will charge a small commission or fees for this).

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