What is the assembly line?

The assembly line, or production line, forms the basis of the chain production system. It is a system in which the production process tries to optimize costs, minimizing wasted time and promoting maximum worker specialization and the division of labor. Thus, each worker on the assembly line performs a specific operation on the product in progress, which is then passed on to the next worker, and so on, until the end of the assembly line is completed.

Historically stand out, in this sense, Henry Ford and the Ford T. But also, Taylorism and Ramson Olds.

How does the assembly line work?

Although it also has disadvantages, the assembly line has important advantages, such as the saving of almost a third of the time used or the reduction of fatigue, thanks to specific tools and installations.

Perhaps the most conflicting point of view within the assembly line is that the tasks performed by an operator are monotonous and recurrent: For this reason, the work, organized in this way, has become so productive. However, he is oblivious to stimuli, which are also necessary. Thus, one comes to speak of the dehumanization of work.

It should be noted that the assembly line, or mobile production line, is actually the protagonist of the so-called second industrial revolution. In addition, despite the myths about repetitive tasks in each job, the assembly line needs human work and, especially, the judgments, choices and evaluations that, de facto, are made in each job. All of them aimed at guaranteeing the correctness of the details of each operation.

Although there are some assembly lines that are better known than others, this type of production system can be established in an industry or company as many times as possible. In general, the chain is used or can be used as many times as there is a starting part, to which it is possible to add other new parts to assemble.

Know all the information about the production process of a company and its importance.

Production process of a company

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