What is a day laborer?

The day laborer is the person who works for a day and is paid at the rate of a wage. The day refers to a working day. Day laborers work and get paid based on the working hours they do.

The concept of day laborer is more common to be used by those who are dedicated to the field or the agricultural sector, but if so, the concept of seasonal worker would also be.

The term is extended for those people who work during a day and receive a wage for the day worked (for the day worked). And, since this concept can generate doubts compared to the temporary one, we will solve the doubts in the next section.

Before doing so, it should be mentioned that the word day laborer also refers to agricultural workers who work for others and who do not have possession of land. That is, it is not only a concept that is related to the farm laborer of his own lands.

What is the relationship between a day laborer and a seasonal worker?

It should be noted that a person can be a day laborer and a temporary worker at the same time, although there is some difference between the two concepts:

  • Day laborer: as we have said before, it is a person who works during a day and who receives a daily wage for it.
  • Temporary: is a person who performs a job in a certain season of the year.

Knowing this, we can indicate that, for example, the seasonal worker is also a day laborer and collect a monthly salary in the same way. However, the day laborer can work throughout the year, while the work to be performed by the seasonal worker does not last as long, but only for a specific season.

On the other hand, the day laborer does not have a predetermined commitment, but instead charges for the days carried out and worked.

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