What is the cadastral value?

The definition of cadastral value is the administrative value determined from the data in the real estate cadastre. It is important to know this valuation to determine the minimum price that can be given to a property, as well as to know exactly the amounts of the different taxes that will be paid annually for being the owner.

What is the cadastral value?

The cadastral value of the house is made up of two elements such as the value of the land and the value of the construction. To specify the value of the land, the urban circumstances that affect it will be taken into consideration, while to specify the value of the construction, the urban-building conditions of the house, its use or destination, the situation, the historical character are taken into account. -artistic, the age and quality of the construction and any other aspect. This value can determine the revalorizaci√≥n of real estate or, on the other hand, depreciación of its value, due to different circumstances.

It should be clarified that this value is not fixed, so it may experience variations over time, in situations such as the following:

  • Changes in the presentations of values, which are the document that collects the parameters by which the land and buildings will be valued.
  • Changes in the municipal urban planning approach.
  • Application of updating coefficients established by the administration that would affect all the buildings of a territory.
  • Physical modifications, such as expansion, demolition, rehabilitation, etc; or economic, with a change in the use and destination of the home.

To know the cadastral value of a property there are several ways. The main requirement to get this documentation is that you are the owner of it. Among these channels are:

  • By Internet: at the electronic headquarters of the Cadastre you can make a query about the cadastral data. It is the simplest and most reliable method.
  • In person: at the Town Hall with the reference number of the property and the DNI they will verify that you are the owner of the house. Once this has been reviewed, the cadastral map will be used to obtain the requested information.
  • By phone: by calling the Land Registry office in your community. Have the cadastral reference number handy for this.

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