What is the Securities Market Law?

The Securities Market Law is that ley that regulates the public offering of securities, as well as other activities that have to do with public offering securities, their structure, mediation or related activities.

Among some of the activities that this Law regulates, we find:

  • Regulation of the public offering of securities
  • The intermediation of securities in the market
  • The scope of the authorities that allow the development of market balance and good competition
  • The legal framework through which international securities transactions will be carried out
  • It establishes the regulation for the constitution and operation of stock exchanges in the country in question and of the institutions for the deposit of securities
  • The related activities of individuals and corporate entities involved in it
  • Structure and operation of the National Registry of Securities and Intermediaries

As we can see, most of the activities and milestones that are intended to be achieved with this Law are those of being able to establish a certain operating and execution regime as far as the stock market is concerned. It is intended to provide legal certainty for the parties involved.

The Securities Market Law aims to facilitate the entry of issues of the Securities Bank, depending on the country in which we find ourselves, this situation will vary in one way or another. In the case of Spain, the current regulations are made up of European standards that have been transferred to Spanish legislation.

In the current environment, legislation has to cope with a greater competition, and Regulated Markets coexist with other newly created figures in addition to those indicated, as is the case of Multilateral Trading Systems.

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