What is microblogging?

A definition of microblogging is the form of communication or publication system that is based on the sending of short text messages, usually with a maximum length of 140 characters, through tools created with that mission.

What is a microblogging and what is it for?

The concept of microblogging, is also known as nanoblogging, and it uses systems such as instant messaging, SMS, applications or websites to communicate messages. It's used in digital marketing industry to carry out strategies of content marketing by the brands.

It is used mainly to tell what is done at any time, interact with other users through responses and private messages, promote oneself, announce information, make friends, find employment, etc.

The messages published by the user on these channels appear on their profile page and also reach other users who have chosen to receive them. The person who publishes them has the possibility to restrict the sending of these messages to a small group of members, or to allow access to the entire community in a public way.

Microblogs are basically the sum of four concepts, such as the blog, instant messaging, SMS and social network.

  • Blog: it is a kind of diary where the user writes content chronologically.
  • Instant messaging: this communication system allows us to converse with other people in real time thanks to the Internet.
  • SMS: text messages of 140 characters, usually.
  • Social network: the messages are present in a public space and can be read by its followers, expanding their ideas.

Examples of microblogging

Of the microblogging systems, Twitter is the best example of microblogging. This social network offers users a text box with space to write 280 characters (previously 140). In addition to posting messages, you can also follow other people and allow others to follow us.

Other examples of microblogging are Jaiku, Dopplr, 20 words or Fanigan.

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