What is the permanent contract?

The permanent contract is probably the most common type of contract that exists today. The concept of indefinite contract refers to the contractual relationship between worker and employer established without limits in time; that is, without the provision of services having an expiration date.

The formalization of the indefinite employment contract can be verbal or written and its content will be communicated to the State Public Employment Service within a period of ten days.

Types of permanent contract

Now that we know what an indefinite contract is, it doesn't hurt that we know in depth the two modalities that we can find. Although these modalities of indefinite contract present the same common denominator -stable work until one of the two parties rescinds the contract- each one of them presents its peculiarities:

  • Ordinary indefinite contract: It is a type of indefinite contract that has been entered into without establishing time limits. This can be done full or part time.
  • Permanent discontinuous indefinite contract: Although it is still an ordinary indefinite contract, the discontinuous permanent contracts have been hired to perform stable but intermittent jobs over time. This is the case of seasonal jobs and the tourism sector.

Indefinite employment contract

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