What is an employed person?

Employed workers are employees who, with the minimum legal age, provide their services to another person, company or institution in exchange for a wageor a remuneration, whether related, in cash or in kind. With this, employers, unpaid family workers and members of production cooperatives who work in the companies, as well as workers absent from their job or who have been suspended from employment, are not considered employed workers. Nor are seasonal workers, either occasional or discontinuous, called an employed person.

Differences between an employed person and a self-employed person

There are many differences between an employee and self-employed, or self-employed. Let's see the most significant below:

  • Employed workers receive a stable salary from companies, either in more or less equal amounts and on a weekly, monthly, hourly, etc. basis.
  • Depending on the internal organization of the companies, employed workers generally have a set schedule and days off, as well as vacation days and health insurance.

Now we know the difference between these concepts, but is it possible to be self-employed and working for someone else?

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