Closed-end Mortgage Definition.

A closed-end mortgage is a type of mortgage loan that is secured by the collateral of a property that is not put up for sale during the life of the loan. The loan is typically repaid over a period of time agreed upon by the lender and the borrower, and the interest rate is generally … Read more

What is the dissolution of the company?

Today nothing can be taken for granted, because suddenly we are through the roof and in the blink of an eye everything is gone. This is the context in which the today. In particular we are talking about the dissolution of the company, one of the most complex decisions that can be taken within an … Read more

What is a post-print pixel?

The meaning of pixel post-impression, in English post view, refers to one of the attribution methods of a conversion. The moment a user observes one of your display ads Digital receives a post-printing cookie that will have all the data about the web page and the moment the campaign was viewed, without the need to … Read more