Natural Monopoly: Definition, How It Works, Types, and Examples.

Definition, How It Works, Types, and Examples of Natural Monopoly. What are the 4 types of monopoly in economics? There are four types of monopoly in economics: 1) Natural monopoly: This is when a single firm dominates an entire industry due to high barriers to entry, such as economies of scale or high sunk costs. … Read more

Losses Incurred.

Losses incurred is the total amount of money that a company has spent on claims during a given period of time. This includes both the amount paid out in settlements and the amount paid in defense costs. What is loss reimbursement? Loss reimbursement is a type of insurance coverage that reimburses an insured party for … Read more

What is an Entrepreneurship Hub?

An entrepreneurship hub is a physical space in which professionals from a certain sector gather with investors and startups or innovative companies. This concept has changed over time until reaching our society in a totally different way than it was initially. In the entrepreneurship hub there are entrepreneurs who are committed to innovation but who … Read more