What is an Entrepreneurship Hub?

An entrepreneurship hub is a physical space in which professionals from a certain sector gather with investors and startups or innovative companies. This concept has changed over time until reaching our society in a totally different way than it was initially.

In the entrepreneurship hub there are entrepreneurs who are committed to innovation but who need the support of certain investors to get ahead. This space is the ideal one to solve this problem.

Between one of the startups The most famous that has existed in the world has been the social network Facebook: its exponential growth catapulted it to become what it is today.

On the other hand, also mention Silicon Valley as one of the best-known entrepreneurship hubs worldwide. Any technology company has a presence in this space in California.

Characteristics of the entrepreneurship hub

We highlight the following characteristics of an entrepreneurship hub:

  • Within the hub, training is promoted among users who, in turn, are creative and entrepreneurial.
  • The hub can become a region broadly recognized as a great center for entrepreneurship, such as Silicon Valley.
  • Thebusiness angels they are essential in hubs: investors who deposit large amounts of money to implement projects that are accelerated in space.
  • Being able to access a large network of contacts that allows relationships and synergies between them.
  • The insistence on the hub is important: never stop growing or looking to the future, pending changes and opportunities. This will prevent it from disappearing in front of other innovation centers.

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