What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is a form of advertising that specifically targets mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Mobile ads are typically displayed as banner ads, text ads, or video ads, and can be delivered through a variety of channels, including mobile apps, mobile websites, and SMS. Mobile advertising is a rapidly growing … Read more

Registered Pension Plan (RPP).

A Registered Pension Plan (RPP) is a pension plan that has been registered with the Canadian government. RPPs are a type of defined benefit pension plan, which means that the benefits that a retiree receives are predetermined, and are based on factors such as length of service and salary. RPPs are typically sponsored by employers, … Read more

Definition of Devaluation

Devaluation is the decrease in the nominal value of a current currency against another foreign currency and may be due to different causes, such as the lack of demand for local currency, or the increase in demand for foreign currency. In accounting terms, the currency devaluation is produced by the loss of the quality, the … Read more