What Is Realized Yield?

The realized yield is the actual return on an investment, after taking into account all of the cash flows associated with the investment. This includes any interest payments, dividends, and capital gains or losses. The realized yield can be different from the stated yield, which is the advertised rate of return on an investment. Will … Read more

Head-Fake Trade.

A head-fake trade is a technical analysis term used to describe a false signal that tricks traders into taking a position in the market. Head-fake trades are often the result of false breakouts, which occur when the price of an asset moves outside of a defined support or resistance level, only to quickly reverse course … Read more

What Is Privity?

In business law, privity is the relationship between two parties who are bound by a contract or other legal agreement. Privity of contract is the relationship that exists between the parties to a contract. This relationship gives rise to certain rights and duties under the contract, and also allows the parties to enforce the contract … Read more

What is furniture value?

According to Art. 3 of the LMV (Securities Market Law), the transferable securities are securities that are issued en masse and that are freely negotiated, conferring on the holder rights of participation in the equity, capital or profits of the issuer, credit, patrimonial, proprietary rights; with characteristics that may or may not be homogeneous in … Read more

What is a database?

The term database first emerged in 1963. In principle, a database is a set of information, but for this information to be considered a database it must meet a series of characteristics and requirements regarding its content. and structure. A database is, therefore, a set of information that meets a series of characteristics in order … Read more