Advertising Budget Definition.

The advertising budget is the portion of a company’s marketing budget that is allocated towards advertising expenditures. The advertising budget can be used to cover various advertising expenses, such as TV or radio ads, print ads, online ads, and outdoor advertising. A company’s advertising budget is typically determined by its overall marketing budget and its … Read more


Whitemail is a type of merger or acquisition in which the target company is purchased for a premium price by another company that is willing to pay that price in order to gain control of the target company’s operations. The name “whitemail” comes from the fact that the premium price is often paid in cash, … Read more

Floor Limit Definition.

Floor limit definition: The floor limit is the maximum amount of credit that can be extended to a cardholder on a single purchase. The floor limit is set by the card issuer and is typically based on the cardholder’s creditworthiness. What are the 5 C’s of credit? The 5 C’s of credit are: 1. Capacity … Read more

Trading Channel.

A trading channel is a price range within which a security or commodity typically trades. The upper and lower boundaries of the channel are determined by support and resistance levels. Trading within the channel indicates that the security is in a period of consolidation and is not trending. However, a breakout from the channel could … Read more

What is the product life cycle?

The definition of the product life cycle consists of the evolution and sales history of a product or service in a market over time. Thus, due to the meaning of the product life cycle, we understand that the monitoring of sales in the same market is directly linked to marketing. In addition, for its part, … Read more