Percentage Lease.

A percentage lease is a commercial lease in which the tenant pays a base rent, plus a percentage of their sales. The percentage is typically calculated as a percentage of gross sales, but can also be based on net sales or some other metric. The advantage of a percentage lease for the landlord is that … Read more

What is usability?

The concept of usability is used frequently in the field of technology and computing. It comes from usability and means the ease with which a user can use a tool made by other people in order to achieve a goal. Specifically, we are going to focus on the term web accessibility, which is one of … Read more

What is a quality seal?

Quality seals are hallmarks that demonstrate the quality of a service or product, becoming very useful tools for the user, who can thus entrust their purchase to a good product. Behind a quality seal there is the endorsement of an official authority. This body will establish the conditions that the service or product must have … Read more