What is a quality seal?

Quality seals are hallmarks that demonstrate the quality of a service or product, becoming very useful tools for the user, who can thus entrust their purchase to a good product.

Behind a quality seal there is the endorsement of an official authority. This body will establish the conditions that the service or product must have to enjoy said recognition.

It may be the case that there are also professional associations or companies that issue their own seals to identify the quality of certain items. This is what is known as company stamps or trust stamps, such as the popular Michelin stars, in the field of restoration.

There are hundreds of quality certificates around the world, from those that operate locally to those that do so internationally. All of them are subject to the requirements of a standard that establishes the minimum framework of action for companies to be recognized. The ISO 9001 standard is the most prestigious quality seal in the world, where companies from any field are welcomed.

What are quality seals?

An ecommerce quality seal is a symbol of security, credibility and trust for any potential client who lands on an electronic business. The seals of quality and trust online consist of badges that are given to the E-commerce to demonstrate the safety and quality of the sale.

It is not mandatory to have these certifications, however they do help to achieve more credibility with the public, both in the price policy, data protection, payment, shipping, etc.

A quality seal for companies provides a better image of the business before users. To obtain these certifications, the interested company must go through a auditoría carried out by the different specialized companies to verify that the required requirements are actually met.

Among the best-known stamps in electronic business are, above all, Confianza Onine, Trusted Shop and Verisign.


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