Denationalization is the process of removing a person or group’s national affiliation or citizenship. This can be done through legislation, as was the case with the denationalization of ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia after World War II, or through individual decisions, as when someone renounces their citizenship. Denationalization can also be involuntary, as when a state … Read more

What is a freelancer?

Un autonomic It is a type of worker who carries out an economic activity for profit on a regular basis and on his own account. The self-employed are also called self-employed or individual entrepreneurs. The self-employed have the advantage that they make their own decisions and do not have superiors or bosses to command them. … Read more

What is lost profits?

This term could be said to be a mix between financial and legal concepts, which means that we have to have a basic understanding of both. In general, the term loss of profit refers (according to article 1106 of the Civil Code) to the profit that has ceased to be obtained as a result of … Read more