What is a freelancer?

Un autonomic It is a type of worker who carries out an economic activity for profit on a regular basis and on his own account. The self-employed are also called self-employed or individual entrepreneurs.

The self-employed have the advantage that they make their own decisions and do not have superiors or bosses to command them. However, self-employed workers do not have an employment contract with any company that guarantees a nóminamonthly. Therefore, if their daily work does not bring them enough income, they can have real financial problems.

In the labor market we can find different autonomous typesAlthough they all have as a common point that they contribute to the same Social Security system, they have a different nature and characteristics.

The self-employed are responsible for controlling their rights and obligations that are framed in the General Statute of Self-Employed. To be self-employed it is necessary to register in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers.

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