What Is a Tangible Asset?

A tangible asset is an asset with a physical form. Tangible assets include both buildings and equipment. The main difference between a tangible asset and an intangible asset is that a tangible asset can be touched, while an intangible asset cannot. Tangible assets are important because they can be used to generate revenue and profits. … Read more

What is the SSL protocol?

SSL (secure socket layer) is a security protocol that aims to ensure that the transmission of data over the Internet between a server and a user, or vice versa, is completely safe. The SSL encrypted connection protocol can be used by any Internet application manufacturer, one of its great advantages being that it can be … Read more

ERIC Matrix

The ERIC matrix is ​​a quadrant of 4 spaces (Eliminate – Reduce – Increase – Create) and whose objective is to propose actions that allow the or entrepreneur differentiate yourself from your competition based on the previous development of the value curve. The concept originates from the book of The blue Ocean Strategy by Chan … Read more