ERIC Matrix

The ERIC matrix is ​​a quadrant of 4 spaces (Eliminate - Reduce - Increase - Create) and whose objective is to propose actions that allow the or entrepreneur differentiate yourself from your competition based on the previous development of the value curve. The concept originates from the book of The blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim and Mauborgne.

El objetivo que plantea la matriz ERIC es el de saber responder a la pregunta: ¿Qué eliminamos - reducimos - incrementamos - creamos para que nuestra estrategia se diferencie de la competencia?

How to use the ERIC matrix in our project?

To know how to use the ERIC matrix, it is convenient that we take into account the way in which said matrix is ​​constructed. We have the following aspects:

Product / service variables

We must create a list with the product or service variables of the models to be analyzed, along with a score (which can be a value or intensity of delivery).

Establish the needs of our target audience

Next, we identify the needs that our target audiences.

Analyze each variable and its ideal value

The next step would be to analyze each of the variables, observing the ideal value that would have to be met to meet the needs of the target audience that we have.

How to interpret the data from the ERIC matrix?

With the data that we will obtain, we can:

  • Eliminate variables that do not add value to our clients
  • Reduce the value delivery of those variables that other models have given an excess of what is demanded by our clients
  • Increase the variables that we think are not being met by customer expectations
  • Create those variables that are associated with our product / service and that are not in the value curves

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