What is a delivery note?

The delivery note, or also called a delivery note, is a commercial document that certifies that a shipment has been delivered correctly. The recipient of the shipment must sign the delivery note when receiving the delivery. In this way, the sender knows that his order has reached its destination, and on the other hand, the person making the delivery justifies that he has made the shipment to his recipient.

The use of the delivery note is not mandatory. For this reason, the order is often made by sending the invoice directly. When orders are placed continuously, the orders are usually sent with delivery notes and at the end of each month all the invoices are sent.

Parts of the delivery note

The delivery notes require information that is divided into different parts:

  • Place and date of issue
  • Document code or number
  • Buyer and seller details
  • Place and date of delivery
  • Signature and stamp of the recipient
  • Product description

Types of delivery note

In business transactions we can find different types of delivery note:

  • Valued delivery note: in addition to the above data, it has the value of each of the products that the order contains and the total amount, since it is not usually accompanied by the invoice.
  • Unvalued delivery note: as it is usually accompanied by the invoice, it only reports the description of the product and does not have any data on the prices of the products.

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