Definition of m-commerce

M-commerce or Mobile Commerce is a type of electronic commerce that uses the mobile phone to carry out transactions for the purchase and sale of products or services, either through a browser or an application. Although mobile commerce is not as developed as E-commerce, The truth is that it is growing significantly with the improvement of new technologies.

The rapid growth in consumption of mobile phones and other wireless devices, such as tablets, is fueling the rise of m-commerce in companies. Likewise, this growth is also due to the in crescendo improvement in consumer confidence in online shopping, due to improvements in the security of online stores and in the quality of experiences. Airline tickets, clothing, footwear, hotel reservations, ... More and more consumers are making purchases through mobile phones or tablets and, with this, many product and service companies decide to join the fashion of mobile commerce.

However, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of m-commerce, especially with regard to usability, development and user experience with mobile applications.

Advantages of m-commerce

Here are some of the advantages of mobile commerce:

  • It only requires a mobile browser, so no additional development is necessary for its operation
  • The responsive version of mobile phone screens are faster and allow more comfortable navigation for users
  • The buying and selling activity is streamlined and simplified thanks to the apps
  • Possibility of segmenting audiences by age, sex, geographic location, etc.

Disadvantages of m-commerce

Let's look at the other side of mobile commerce next. Discover now the disadvantages of mobile commerce:

  • The more information the web page contains, the longer it will take to load
  • The responsive version requires extra development and knowledge, which entails high costs
  • Also, the responsive version may not reflect all the content of the web.
  • The apps must be adapted to the different operating systems (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.)

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