What are Human Resources?

Human Resources is the concept used to name the department there are in companies to carry out selection, hiring, training and employment tasks of the people who are necessary to join the workforce and thus achieve the set objectives.

The people in charge of this area, in addition to filling vacancies, are also in charge of carrying out a series of initiatives to find the professional profile that best suits the job. For this you can develop personal interviews, psychometric tests, knowledge tests or simulation activities.

All these initiatives can be done independently or as a complement to each other. This will make it easier for the head of the Human Resources department to find the perfect candidate for the vacancy.

The Human Resources concept is often abbreviated as HR. It focuses on getting workers to perform their duties in the same line as the company, matching the objectives and aspirations of professionals with the company's strategy.

The objective of any Human Resources department is to create a sufficiently efficient workforce, with a good working environment, and where each worker can fully exploit their qualities. And it is that employees are expected to perform their jobs with satisfaction and strive to meet the goals set by the entity. For this, it is also necessary to bet on training, promotions based on merit and a scale of salaries that allows them to obtain a retribuciĆ³n adequate.

Therefore, a definition of Human Resources is the management and administration of the human capital of an organization in order to increase productivity.

Human Resources functions

The Human Resources area is dedicated to everything associated with personnel management, its main tasks being:

  • Process of selection and hiring of workers.
  • Monitoring and training.
  • Create efficient communication channels.
  • Maintain an adequate work environment.
  • Motivate employees.
  • Talent management humano in the organization.
  • Launch incentives, prizes, cancellations, etc.
  • Management of payroll and negotiations with union representatives.

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